Blog for the AFK-EuPRA-conference 2017

This year’s conference of the AFK (German Association for Peace and Conflict Studies) and the European Peace Research Association (EuPRA) is on „Peace and Conflict Studies from the Margins to the Centre; Rethinking Europe in an Unequal World“ (16 – 18 March 2017 in Schwerte (nearby Dortmund), Germany).

The virtual realm of the internet is often seen as an egalitarian world where differences such as those between young and established researchers do not seem so significant. While we do not fully agree with this thesis, we want to use this blog to make a model attempt at providing a platform in which those participating in the conference and others can enter discussion with young students, established researchers, and peace activists.

To make this possible, we started a project in cooperation with the Bretterblog – a young team of researchers who established this blog some years ago. Here we will discuss the topics of the conference and will inform a broader audience about the newest results in peace and conflict research from different countries.

So, we invite you to take part in this project!

Be informed…
You can access information about the conference on this platform and those who are unable to take part in the conference themselves are also able to participate in the discussion.
You can find all the panels here.

Read the paper abstracts…
On the Blogsite, you will find (almost) all paper abstracts from the conference. For your orientation: the blog follows the structure of the panels, but feel free to combine points and topics as you wish.

Take part…
What a blog needs is participation. So, we need your help to make the conference blog a success. You can comment on the existing posts, you can share it with others and you can also decide to write your own blog article – you only need to address us (the yellow button will link you to the contact person of the AFK or you can contact us via email at
You can also share a picture, a painting, a video, a poem – or anything else you can imagine and want to share with the peace community.

Write your own blog article…
If you are interested in writing a blog article, the hints on the website of the AFK can be of great help for you.
We will publish your article on the blog. Please contact us (the yellow button will link you to the contact person of the AFK or you can contact us via email at

You are warmheartedly invited to discuss with us and the other participants of the conference. We are curious and excited about your contribution on Bretterblog. Let’s share ideas, inspirations and other insights!

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