AFK-EuPRA: Plenary-Discussion ‘Liberal Peace’? Civil Wars, Survival Migration and Hybrid Peace in a Post-Colonial Era of Global Transition

Living in ‘post-colonial’ times does not mean that colonialism of the past has not left its footprints in the present. Its impacts, surviving overtly and covertly, can be found, both as ‘inside’ individual and collective mind-sets, as well as in ‘outside’ reality in and throughout many sectors of society such as socio-economics, science, education, health care or judiciary and law enforcement, as well as  other areas – not only but particularly of the Western culture. Moreover, colonialism and its remainders can not only in the known North-South relations, but also can be found in the Global North, though in different forms. Some even claim that contemporary Conflict and Peace Studies are not free from such colonial impacts. Against this background, this concluding plenary aims to identify and analyse colonial footprints in order to provide evidence-based suggestions how to deal with this heritage for the benefit, first for the people affected, but ultimately for all who are pursuing a resilient culture of peace.

Chair: Hendrik Bullens (fm COPE Augsburg University, Germany; crt Eurasian National University Kazakhstan; EuPRA Board)


Tawakkol Karman, Yemen, Nobel Peace Laureate 2011 (with E. Johnson Sirleaf and Leymah Gwobee), Co-founder of „Women Journalists Without Chains“

Martina Fischer, Bread for the World/Berghof Foundation, Germany

Akbota Zholdasbekova, Scientific-Political adviser to Government/G-Global; Dean IR Faculty Eurasian National University, Astana, Kazakhstan

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  1. Akbota Zholdasbekova · · Antworten

    Was a great experience! Thanks!

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