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Are We Drowning in Conflict Data?

How much conflict and IR data has been published over the last two and a half decades?

List of useful R packages for quantitative conflict research

I’ve put together a list of R packages that might be useful for the quantitatively oriented conflict scholar.

Data Feature: Game of Thrones Edition

How much screen time do characters clock in Game of Thrones? This data gives you the answer.

Roundtables and Retweets: #isa2014 on Twitter

The #ISA2014 as it happened on Twitter: The busiest Tweeps, the most popular Tweets of conference, reflections on the Twitter Panel and thoughts on using Twitter data.

A promise held or broken? A change point analysis of US drone strike activity

While the world is watching the Crimea crisis, the United States continues its “war on terror”. In March 2014 alone, the US carried out at least four drone strikes in Yemen, killing as many 7, possibly 12 people. We’ve covered drone strikes before on this blog. One of the main motivations of my earlier post […]

Multilaterale Friedenssicherung in Afrika in Zahlen und Grafiken

Meine Kollegin Nadine und ich haben gerade einen GIGA Focus zum Thema „Multilaterale Friedenssicherung in Afrika“ verfasst. Darin geht es – unter anderem – um die gestiegene Verantwortungsübernahme der afrikanischen Staaten beim Peacekeeping. Von einer komplett einsatzfähigen und eigenständigen Friedens- und Sicherheitsarchitektur des afrikanischen Kontinents kann aber keine Rede sein. Zu sehr hängt die operative […]

Obtaining and Mapping US Drone Strike Data with R and Google Fusion Tables

28-year-old NYU grad student Josh Begley has created an API that provides detailed data on any US drone strike since 2002. We’ve covered drones before on this site (see also this excellent series on drone ethics over at sipo blog). Also, I’ve decided to pick up the R programming language as part of my efforts […]